Insignificants in October: Opening time

October’s insignificants were found in the basement of Holmegaard Glassworks in early 2019. The factory was in the process of being converted into a new culture historical museum (Museum Southeast Denmark), so the place would no-longer be available for my fieldwork. I decided that I would go through the factory and look for items that might later prove to have some research or exhibition purpose. On my way through the basement, I came across a large pile of glass sherds, Without much deliberation, and without looking for specific sherds, I shovelled up four bucketfuls of sherds. The exhibited objects are a random selection of these objects.

The concept of Insignificants was challenged during the October exhibition. A lady passing by the exhibition daily, one day knocked on my door, asking whether she could buy some of the sherds. Suddenly, Insignificants threatened to develop economic value! Determined to resist such molestation, I offered the kind lady a volume of glass sherds at no cost.