Inconclusive – Releasing Insignificants

The Insignificants initiative was brought to an end in June 2020, marked by a social and academic event in Copenhagen. I have produced a video to share the occasion with people not present at the event. The title of the video, narrating the ending of the initiative, is “Inconclusive – Releasing Insignificants“.

Referring to the “releasing” of things is a way of indicating that I wanted to finalise the initiative by setting things free. However, when I realised that this emancipation entailed other people’s capricious intervention and manipulation, I intuitively responded with disappointment, and for a short while I regretted choosing to let Insignificants go: for about thirty seconds, I felt the plunge associated with no-longer being the one in command of Insignificants. Of course, as I should have anticipated, the “end” is a relative and unpredictable thing: setting Insignificants free meant a loss of control on my part, but what is more important, it also meant I was passing Insignificants on to new processes and relations. In this sense, the “end” was not so much a conclusion, but instead a form of sharing with other entities, inviting curiosity, exploration and new beginnings.

Moreover, when I use the term “releasing” in the title for the video, I am also referring to the work of Doug Bailey and to his “Art/archaeology“. In many respects, Insignificants began to form as an idea in the Spring of 2019, when Doug invited me to participate in the Ineligible project (co-curated with Sara Navarro). Wrapping up Insignificants by referring to Doug and his work, expresses my genuine gratitude; gratitude not just for an invitation, but for inspiration and trust, leading to necessary redirections of my own academic ambitions.

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