Insignificants in August: Aftermath

The material is from a tiny Swedish island called Boön, which I visited twice during the Summer of 2019. The material consists of things I picked up at my second visit which took place three days after the first. The Danish title is ‘Efterslæt’, which translates into ‘Aftermath’ in English. It means ‘second harvesting’; the first ‘slæt’ is the ordinary mowing of the crops, which gives space and light for an undergrowth of crops to emerge, leading to a second mowing of the field before it is finally plowed over.

The objects in the picture on the poster for the launch (see below) were collected during my first visit to Boön; the exhibited items derive from my second visit, i.e., objects that my first visit had missed, eventually giving light and space for these objects to come out for my second visit. Hence, ‘efterslæt’.