Insignificants in January: Aimless

January’s insignificants consist of the result of a clearing of cupboards and drawers, where a variety of keys had accumulated over quite a few years. Precisely what locks the keys once opened are, for the most part, unknown to me. I recognise a few of them; one key used to open my parents’ front door, before they replaced the door and thereby the lock. A broken key once unlocked my bicycle, before the key broke in two and the bicycle was stolen. A slightly bent key matched the lock in the door to my friend’s students’ dorm; we haven’t been in touch since 2001. Why I kept these keys, I don’t know.

Regardless if I were able associate the individual keys with potential, hypothetical and for the most part imaginary keyholes, these keys are no longer solitary units that can be explained in light of their past. Where they come from is actually irrelevant. They do not exist as a product of their history, but because they are present, right now. The keys got together in a new community through the aimless and coincidental collection, I have mounted, incidentally, over the years. I really don’t know why I have kept these keys that have no destination nor purpose. On the other hand, some of them are damaged and all of them dysfunctional.