Insignificants in June: To the Bone

“To the Bone” was the first exhibition in the Insignificants series. It is composed of fragments of bone (probably goat or sheep) that was donated to me by Doug Bailey. He invited me to join his Ineligible project (with Sara Navarro), asking me to ‘make work’ with the bones: no limits, except I was not allowed to approach the bones in retrospection. I spent a long time thinking about what to do with them, and I grew increasingly frustrated with my lack of ideas. After a while, I decided to put the bones on display and leave them alone, letting them sit there and mock my lack of imagination.

I then decided to host an exhibition opening, sharing my frustrations with colleagues and students at my department. I also made a bookmark for the occasion. Thus, Insignificants were born; not as the result of a ingenious plan, but rather as the offspring of slipping, losing my balance and crashing into an idea.